Becoming Neat and Complete

Being organized isn’t always what you imagine it being. If you have spent years with the same clutter, in the same spots, you might not think if it as clutter – it is just part of the room! Being organized isn’t about removing everything – it’s about taking hold of your space and making it function for you!  Organization is time consuming, and (can be) exhausting, but the ease afterwards should be worth all of the hard work! Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste either. Keep your space how it needs to be neat and complete.

The clutter can come back! Don’t let it! It will grow, and grow, and grow, until one day you feel overwhelmed again! Keep it neat – even if that means one night a week (or month). Continue to make the effort, even though it’s hard!

Remember:  It doesn’t have to be done in a day. Start with what you are comfortable with and make progress. When you are ready to put things together, remember to feature what you love! It is still your space! Organizing isn’t about hiding things, its about functionality and simplicity.


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