Refreshing the Craft Corner

Recently, there has been talk of moving to a different house. Moving involves lots of decluttering, cleaning, and sorting. So I decided to step up and work in things that we don’t always think about. I decided to work on my craft closet/corner.


I had boxes, tape, plastic bags, and a garbage at the ready. Sometimes projects can feel overwhelming. Start where you can move something around. I moved the purple tub first so I could see what I needed to do after that. So, move what is in the way and make a pile for going though at a later time.


I had multiple plies (and boxes) in the room. The divided piles included: donate, give to friend, sell, and garbage. Taking one step is at a time is key. IMG_5106The stuff in the craft corner had been collecting for about 5+ years. A good 40% of the corner went away – in the garbage or donate.

The purpose of going though the craft corner was to declutter and remove things – and it happened!

IMG_5109The end result removed 2 containers of stuff and a bin! Only the 2 drawers remained!

This project was completed in less than 2 hours!

So remember: Start with the front & take it one step at a time!

Good Luck and Happy Organizing!


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