Beneath the Bathroom Counter

Recently I had the opportunity to organize under a bathroom sink. The bathroom cabinets had never truly been organized (at one point there was 2 stackable baskets and that was all there was). It started out looking like this and was covered in powder and dust.

If your bathroom cabinets look similar to this you need to take the time and sort it out. It’s just 3 easy steps – declutter, clean, and organize.

I inspected the clutter before anything else; I saw a few things that needed to be addressed and made sure they stayed on the list of things I needed to look into. I started by taking everything out of the cabinet – all 3 sections. Once everything was out, cleaning and wiping down the bottom and getting the dust out was very important. When everything was finally out it was easier to make a plan for what needed to stay in the bathroom and how it was going to fit in there.

The rough original plan

I was planning on other things to work when I started this project, but there was a few rough patches and I had to work around theses to make the system work better.

I put in Sterilite modular drawers (scroll to the bottom of the page 2350, 2360, 2365, 2370) that come in different sizes and they are stackable no matter what size! Also Sterilite stackable bins (scroll to the middle of the page 1660, 1662, 1664) were a great addition to the bathroom cabinet. The wonderful over-cabinet basket was one of my favorite parts of the bathroom – you can find it from Spectrum Diversified Designs  (this isn’t the exact one-the one I used is longer available).  In the end it worked out – even though it didn’t go as planned!

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Good luck and happy organizing!


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