Where do I even start with this one? If you have ever cleaned, then you know that everything has to be cleaned. Sometimes things don’t have to be cleaned every day or every week (sometimes not even every month)! The way people clean is different in every household and the concept of clean is different to every person. There are hundreds, even thousands of cleaning products. Everyone has their personal preferences for example: some people love the cleaning power of Bleach, but I can’t stand the smell of Bleach, so I use Clorox Wipes.

Most recently (and most often) I need to clean my bathroom. The bathroom that I use is half laundry room, so there is a lot of traffic in and out of the bathroom. The one and only sink (and counter) becomes a dumping ground for things that don’t have a home. On my counter I have a tall skinny container that holds: lotion, antiperspirant, and body sprays. The tall container doesn’t include what I usually keep on the counter- perfumes, cotton products, soap dispenser, and 2 other decorations (I should mention that the counter and sink together is less than 5 feet). It’s a small area that collects lots of clutter and needs to be cleaned often. Sometimes all it takes is a quick wipe down, other times I need to remove everything and clean it all off. (Especially when people get sick it’s very important to clean the bathrooms and door handles.)

Once things that made a temporary home on my bathroom counter have found a home (decluttering), then I have the chance to wipe everything down and clean it all up!

After a apace is decluttred, it’s easy to want to stop and give up-or maybe skip right to organizing. If you go from decluttering to organizing, you are going to try and implement nice clean systems when it’s dusty and dirty-how does that work? You need a fresh clean space (or mind) before you begin organizing, otherwise you might feel rushed or as though the project is never going to end. clean before you organize.
However you clean, it’s one of the 3 most important parts that improve organization. As long as you clean and keep things nice and tidy, you shouldn’t have a problem!


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