Recipe books

Food! Most people enjoy food or at least like it. Some of us can cook others not so much. Either way we have recipes that are most likely in a box. Well I’m here to tell you about one of my absolute favorite things! Binders! They are made for just about anything. I think you have the idea now – recipe binders! Personally I have one, have made one, and gave one! (I love them and in the future I will defiantly have more up about binders!) For now, let me share with you the idea of recipe binders.

Sometimes we don’t have the right amount of space for our recipes. (4 binders were used  instead of 1)

I have made 2 styles. (Two from Fab n’ Free and one from Making it in the Mitten) both are free and downloadable! The recipe binder on the left is mine (I have made 2 of the 3 designs available from Fab n’ Free) and the one on the right is the one I made for someone!


Colorful is the way to go!The tabs in both of the binders are special Avery tabs with clear view sheets (I gave you the link to the 5 tab, but they also come in 8 tab) and they work wonderful-a little bit on the pricier side but worth it!


I made many copies of the title pages and customized the tabs to different categories.







  • With the Teal and yellow recipe book all of the recipe cards are included along with a conversion page, table of contents, and lots of main titles.
  •  With the colorful recipe book only the main title pages are are included.

Inside both binders are full sheet protectors for the larger recipes.Some of the best ones (for quality and price) are from Target.

  • The colorful recipe book’s full sheet recipe pages are from Alaina Ann

There are sheet protectors for recipe cards too! They are called photo protectors. The smaller recipe cards are 4×6 and are slide in front and back. They hold about 6 a piece; but I like to keep it only to 1 slot per recipe card if it’s written on the back. If you have larger recipe cards, larger photo protectors are available.


  • The colorful recipe book has recipe cards from Savvy Eats and they were printed specially to fit in the 4×6 photo protectors.

I put these all on one post because when I wanted to make one if these I spent hours trying to find good, reliable printables! So I made 2 in 1, just for you!

Good luck and happy organizing!


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