Declutter. Clean. Organize.

Keeping stuff you don’t need. Everyone does it – don’t lie! I do it too. Somethings hold memories others hold value. I want to simplify things, and you should too. Life should be easier if you don’t have to dig through a drawer. By doing a couple of things we can make our lives simpler. 

Declutter. You can go 2 ways with this one – you can pull everything out (1 drawer at a time; don’t overwhelm yourself with the whole desk!). Or you can do one part at a time, this way you can stop and start when you have the time. Start with one shelf on the bookshelf instead of the entire bookshelf ( just because your goal is to organize a whole room doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once). If you do the whole thing at one time you will become overwhelmed. You are more likely to want to take a break if you pull everything out at once. 

If that means your closet is in need of a cleansing then take a minute or as long as you need to open up that closet and do a section of it. Maybe only focus on the things hanging up. Then look into then stuff on the top shelf. Then look into the bottom of the closet – I know, I know, things pile up down there. Try going through it. Decluttering is when you have a chance to throw away, donate, or find a different home for things. Maybe this will help:

1. Throw away stuff that is: garbage, broken (and you won’t fix it for your use), old – expired papers with past due dates (exceptions include: school work, finace paperwork, binding contracts, stuff you need to keep for records, etc…), undergarments (never donate theses!), there is always more to toss out, but this is a start! 

2. Donate stuff that: is in good condition that you have no interest in anymore, clothes that don’t fit, books, and so much more-just think before you send it away!

3. Find a different home for things that: you know someone will appreciate or someone is looking for. Make sure you ask before dropping off a whole bunch of stuff!

Clean. Always start with cleaning before you organize. Clean your bedroom, clean the bathroom, clean the closet, clean the kitchen, the living room – what ever you are going to organize. Clean the space so you don’t distract yourself from doing the task at hand.

Organize. Don’t know where to start? That’s why I suggested you start small. One drawer at a time, one shelf at a time, one cabinet at a time, see where this is going? Make it easier on yourself and do one little part of a big project before you move on.

More organization things are on the way, have to get you the best stuff before I put it up for you here! 

Good luck and happy organizing!


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